21 Oct, 2013

Zone6 Venue

In the perfect world all summer day parties would have a tropical setting. Think Miami; Jamaica or even Hawaii as a backdrop. Wishful thinking? Not quite. Not all of us can go to the tropics so the tropics have been bought to us…right in the heart of Soweto. "Zone 6 Venue" is Soweto's first premium mega entertainment venue. The 3000m venue boasts state of the art sound & lighting, a massive indoor stage, exquisite overflow pool and capacity for 3000 people.

Zone 6 was originally a warehouse before it underwent a swag make-over which cost a whopping R3 million. The venue was inspired by its humble beginnings and location, a warehouse in Diepkloof. Zone 6 opened its doors to the public less than a year ago, this venue has been "raisin' the roof" since 8 December 2012. From the word go, it was destined to become the hottest spot for the biggest names in entertainment, socialites and celebs in South eJozi. And this venue has lived up to each and every preconceived expectation.

The duel level venue scores a solid 10/10 on the Swagger scale from both first timers, to hardened Zone 6 veterans. "My alter ego is a dancer, singer & a daring party animal…she comes out each time I go to Zone 6" protests (proudly) a regular of the venue. The venue's main attractions, to name a few, are the pool & outside deck, laser lighting audio visual & thumping sound as well as their habitually sick line ups.

"Raising the bar, production and quality... we're gonna keep it growing. We want you leaving with an experience, a lasting memory." This is a promise made by the stakeholders and evidently they have kept their end of the deal. 

They only have 2 simple rules for the pool: bikinis are welcome – speedos are strictly forbidden.


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