4 Jan, 2016

Wear your jewels like a G

Whether you like it or not, wearing jewellery as a man is no longer reserved for scallywag pirates, spiritual guides or extravagant kings. Just like tattoos and piercings, dazzling up your fingers or adding a touch of edginess to your earlobes has become the norm – but there's a fine line between making a statement and looking like you robbed a jewellery store…

Aside from your magnetic confidence, jewellery is often the finishing touch to an outfit and can add a helpful bit of color, class and uniqueness to your look. And because we want to protect your 'best-dressed' accolades and general street-swag, here are just a few fundamental tips to wearing your jewels like a 21st century pharaoh.

Don't mix your metals

Most men's jewellery is metallic, with gold and silver tones being the most common. Even if you're burning to show off all your favourite items at once, breathe brother, you are not Mr. T and your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time. If your belt buckle is silver don't go busting gold chains up top, got it? Pairing silver jewellery with black or dark grey clothing creates a sleek, timeless look whereas gold is more suited to warmer colours like your browns and other earth tones. Either way, you can dress silver and gold up or down as long as they're kept separate.

Accessorize for your body shape

No matter what you're wearing, you should always dress to your body shape. There's nothing more ridiculous than a dude who weighs 50 kilograms sporting oversized watches, giant belt buckles and thick-chains. We've all seen that guy… If you have a small frame, wearing bulky jewellery will only draw attention to your thinness, so try to choose items that match your size. On the other end of the scale, a dude who weighs in at 150 kilograms should avoid tight chains and small rings that accentuate the bulges! No one should look like they're being permanently strangled.

Keep it simple

One bold, interesting item is more noticeable and appealing than ten. You want a piece that brings out your personality – not make you look like a Christmas tree. An interesting pendant you inherited or a bold leather bracelet you had made for you on your travels can make for great talking points too… So don't drape yourself in jewellery, it's too distracting, rather find those signature pieces that can stand-alone strongly, just like you.

Skin deep

Avoid wearing chains and jewellery made from inauthentic metals if you have sensitive skin or are prone to rashes or excessive sweating around the neck and chest. At the end of the day, comfort means confidence and taking care of your skin and bones comes before fashion statements, wena!

Just be you bru

Ultimately, men no longer have to stick to wearing just a watch or a wedding band. And whether you're into diamond earrings, beaded necklaces, skull pendants or leather bracelets – there is a world of accessories out there to take your outfit from bland to edgy or smart to brilliant. It's all about keeping it simple, real and finding what works for you. 

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