21 Aug, 2015

Suit yourself

Whether it's for a business meeting, your homie's wedding, or the party of the year – a suit is a wardrobe essential for any AXE man. But what makes a good suit? We reckon it's the attention to fibers, the fit and how you keep it fresh that mark the difference between a well-groomed man and your average Joe.

From buttons to pin-stripes, waistcoats to cufflinks… the world of suit wearing is complex and vast. But below are three fundamental things you need to know about buying (and keeping) a suit as well as the best places to get one tailor-made in Mzansi… 

Keep it natural bro
Firstly, avoid cheap synthetic fibers like polyester and poly-viscose. Rather go for natural fibers such as wool or cotton. Natural fibers breathe well – in winter, you stay warm and in summer, you stay cool. Synthetic fibers do the complete opposite; you sweat like a mofo in summer, and freeze your nuts off in winter! If your suit is going to make you stink out your sister's wedding reception or catch the flu – rather spend that little extra and go natural on the cloth.

All about the fit
Unfortunately most off-the-rack suits are designed for generic body types. But your body is probably not generic and there's nothing worse than a suit that makes you look like an astronaut or a minstrel. If you can't afford to get one tailor made, take your already bought suit to a tailor who can alter the suit to your shape. A suit that's spot-on gives you confidence, and that's something always worth investing in!

Show some love
If you've gone and spent your hard earned bucks on a good suit – it would be pretty swak to watch it fall apart. So make sure you take care of your armour. Keep your suit on a hanger in a place where it can breathe. Only get your suit dry cleaned when absolutely necessary – too much dry cleaning can damage the fabric and most stains can be removed with a clothes brush and a hand held steamer (or avoided entirely with a bit of etiquette). So put that napkin over your lap and avoid that 3am garage pie when you're sporting your favourite threads! 

Call the tailor sailor
Cape Town: MORE
Jozi: Tidy Tuks Tailor
Durban: Dickson Tailors

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