21 Jan, 2016

SOS: Concious hip hop ain't dead

In a world of bling and booze, grassroots hip hop is often found drowning at the bottom of diamond encrusted pimp cups. Conscious hip hop is becoming more and more difficult to trawl out of Mzansi but just when we thought real hip hop was dead (for real), an anti-capitalist resistance collective called Soundz of the South (or SOS) exploded onto the scene like fireworks on Diwali…

Fighting oppression with rhythm and rhyme; SOS is a collective of activists and artists from Khayelitsha, Cape Town, who are committed to decentralization, direct action, autonomy and self-reliance. Besides recording albums and fighting the good fight, SOS host regular meetings and "critical" documentary screenings, weekly slam sessions, organize protests and discussions, attend regular conferences and have set up numerous social justice and community campaigns. SOS also started the Afrikan Hip Hop Caravan, an annual series of events currently taking place throughout December.

"What is real hip hop, if it is not reflective of me? For years mainstream hip hop has bombarded the airwaves, underground hip hop has filtered our minds, but this spoken word is so far removed from our own context. It 's time for a new platform…" says SOS.

Word up to Soundz of the South and all those keeping it real! Watch this space for 2016… Listen and buy the Freedom Warriors Vol. 2 album here And follow them on Facebook for upcoming events this December: 

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