17 Oct, 2015

Smell the swag

A healthy body, mind and soul are of course all important factors when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. But a six-pack or sexy shave mean nothing if your pheromones ain't fly…

When it comes to sexual attraction, we often underestimate the power and importance of scent. Axe wants to make sure you're wearing the right fragrance to ensure you can always be sniffed out of the crowd… in a good way. So here are a few helpful tips to keep you smelling fresh this summer.

Keep it au natural First things first – no one wants to have their eyes water and nostrils stung when they lean in for a hug or a kiss. Don't over-do the fragrance; you want to let your natural scent breathe through your skin and your scent to enhance your personality – not hide it. If you're a frequent cologne wearer, it's best to wash with an unscented soap/shower gel to allow your natural scent to come through and to prevent fragrances from clashing. Apply cologne or deodorant straight after showering when the skin is clean and warm and brother you'll be set.

Where to put it You're wasting cologne if you're not spraying it on your pulse points. Areas like the inside of the wrists and behind the ears are good spots which generate heat, making the smell last longer. A small spray on the neck also mixes well with your natural scent to create a smell that is uniquely you. Avoid spraying on your clothes and areas where you sweat excessively: smell will fade away quickly on a shirt and sprays on the pits will just enhance sweaty odours if you're not wearing anti-perspirant! If you have sensitive skin however – the best place to spray, aside from the skin, would be in the lining of your jacket.

What to sniff There are certain classic scents that you can't go wrong with. Musk is essentially male pheromones concentrated and colognes with hints of musk as well as sandalwood and leather are warm, rich smells for the uber rugged man's man and perfect for those chilly nights 'round the fireplace. If muskier scents don't quite suit your personality or the season, go for a cologne with hints of lighter, fresher fragrances like lemon, peppermint and vanilla: which have equally as much power and are cleaner scents for summer. Alternatively, you can blend the two and go for what is often described as "citrus musk" or "lime musk."

A scent is unforgettable – so get spraying and make it a summer to remember!

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