14 Dec, 2015

Shop from bed

Let's face it… the days of standing in queues, carrying wads of cash and getting naked in change-rooms are a thing of the past. Nobody wants to die in a shopping mall this Christmas! So here are some useful tips to ensure that your online shopping experience is awesome.

Research the site
If nobody has heard of the organisation that you are thinking of spending money with, then it is likely the site is dodgy. is the hippest shop online right now, is classy and is affordable and diverse. All offer safe, secure online shopping services if you're looking for some fresh new swag for the holidays or gifts for Christmas. Free delivery and returns are part of the deal. The future is here!

Send a gift
Send your lover a bouquet of fresh flowers and receive a zillion man-points without even leaving the couch. is one of many companies that offer a SAME DAY flower and gift service that will save planning and/or get you out of that tight jam when you realize the date (#NeverTooLate!) Winning.

Be smart, brother

Christmas is high-time for cybercrime, fraudsters and phony organisations fishing for handouts. Don't click on links in emails, rather visit sites directly or give the business a call. Use complex passwords on all devices and online accounts (never use a birthday, child's name or an address). Don't hand out account login details over the phone. Check bank statements regularly to make sure there are no suspicious transactions. Be sure the site is security enabled and keep your own security software updated. Shop from sites with https:// in front of their web addresses because they are more secure and use a credit card whenever possible as it's the safest way to shop online.

Now go forth and spend my friend… but use your powers wisely!

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