29 Sep, 2015

Hairdo's and hair don'ts!

Hairstyles are getting more progressive every day, which can cause confusion when deciding on the most suitable 'do. Gone are the days when long hair was for girls (and hippies) and the chiskop (skin-head) was for nasty tough guys with spider web tattoos. So here's a guide to what's in and out in the world of 'fros and follicles…

1. Afro
IN. The afro is an iconic hairstyle associated with rock 'n roll music, the '70s and all things funky, but it can also be worn by the modern man (as long as it's maintained and rocked with Lenny Kravitz confidence). The 'fro is and always will be the coolest 'do for men with curls.

2. The Mullet
OUT. Business in front, party at the back? Where the scissors at?! There was a brief and painful time when the mullet was (inexplicably) back in vogue. But it's over. There's a reason 'mullet' is a synonym for moron.

3. The Chiskop (shaved head)
IN. According to celebrity hairstylist, Isaac Letele, "The chiskop is a classic, and one can never go wrong with shaving it all off. It is very manly and can never clash with an outfit. Just be aware of whether your head shape agrees with the chiskop. Sometimes shaving your hair all off can make you look 15 years old." Well… there you have it.

4. The Asymmetrical and the Undercut
IN. These styles are hot right now, especially with androgynous and hipster fashion sweeping the Mzansi cities. Top-knots and man-buns exude an air of creativity, sensitivity and empathy towards feminism. It's okay (encouraged) for men to be progressive these days!

4. Relaxed?
OUT! Relaxed, permed or processed hair of any kind is definitely un-cool for future-Mzansi men. Keep it all natural or be prepared a tirade of James Brown and Michael Jackson jokes.

5. The German Cut
IN. "The German cut or Chicco's style is definitely trending," says Isaac, "especially if it's faded on the sides, with a few lines for a bit of swag." If rappers are doing it, then it must be fly!

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