1 Oct, 2015

Getting Gigi

Gigi Lamayne is one of Mzansi's wittiest femcee's and has been climbing the charts this year with her funky single, #IceCreamRemix, featuring Khuli Chana. Gigi is whipping the local hip hop industry with her punch lines and has just released her latest single, 'Jungle Fever.' We caught up with the rising star about making it in the music biz…

Q: What has the response been to the latest single 'Jungle Fever' and any talk of a music video?

A: It's been amazing! The word phrases I used are known in the township by people who love having fun. That's what I intended for people to do with the track. There will be a video in due course and I'm hoping to change the scope of the industry. I can guarantee that this track is for the books – lethal and Africa at its best!

Q: Who have your most memorable musical collabs been with and who would you give your front tooth to work with?

A: Khuli Chana, Tumi from The Volume, Zakwe and Proverb are my biggest collaborations so far. I'd love to work with AKA, Riky Rick and Cassper.

Q: How has hip hop influenced your personal style?

A: Obviously hip hop is famous for its funky fashion, but I managed to find my own unique dress sense in the process.

Q: On top of being an award-winning hip hop artist, you're also on the Dean's List at Wits University and completing your third year of study! Why have you chosen hip hop?

A: Hip hop chose me, it's more like a calling. Education is very important and I'm not gonna rap until I'm 50. I've mastered the art of multi tasking, juggling between my studies and my music career. Thank goodness it's my final year studying.

Q: What is the best advice you've ever received? And what advice would you give to young South Africans entering the music biz?

A: I was taught and advised to develop a thick skin, because this industry can eat you up and spit you out. I'd advise anyone who wants to be in the entertainment industry to have a plan of action… and a back-up plan.

Q: Bust us a little freestyle there Gigi!

A: My lyrics cost an arm and a leg, I might leave you paraplegic!

Check out Gigi's latest video for #IceCreamRemix here: 

and watch this space for 'Jungle Fever' coming soon…

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