13 Oct, 2015

Frame your face

Depending on how you wear them, sunglasses can make or break an outfit – either making you look like a creep, a fashion-flop or a film star. And this summer, we wanna make sure you're getting these essential wardrobe accessories right…

Match your face shape:
Oval: You're lucky, pretty much any frame shape will suit this face.
Square: Rounded frames will help smooth out a boxy mug and strong jaw line.
Round: Square frames will help angulate pudgy cheeks.
Long: Go for wider frames to add some width to the face.

Wearing sunglasses at night: You're probably not JZ or a professional poker player so chances are – you'll just look like a fool. You're also more prone to tripping down flights of stairs or knocking someone's drink over. It's not worth it.

Lumo-colours: Honestly, these look pretty cheap and are a bit too popular among teenagers. Unless you're going to an '80s dress-up party or bright colours is something you employ into your own unique style – ditch the lumo for something a little more mature.

Classic styles: aviator, wayfarer, round-frame and D-frame. Now don't go mixing aviators with a black leather trench coat and combat boots. Just be smart about your style choices, take your face shape and personality into consideration and, generally speaking, you can't go wrong with these four classic shapes!

Looking for something unique? Check out these innovative South African's who are making stylish sunglasses from materials you wouldn't expect…

Skate Shades: Sunglasses hand-crafted from used skateboards, Durban:
Ballo Eyewood: Hand-crafted wooden sunglasses, Cape Town:
Phat Panda: Polarized bamboo sunglasses, Jo'burg:

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