7 Dec, 2015

Fifi wins

Fifi Cooper, Motswako's first lady of rap finally dropped her debut album, 20 Fifi, on iTunes on Friday the 13th of November. An auspicious date to say the least! 

"Eight years rapping, singing, performing, writing and learning. I'm finally here…" she announced on social media. "15 tracks of my blood, sweat and tears... Hope you'll like it!"‬ 

The fiery femcee from Maftown called on some of the best producers in the game to lay down the soundscape for her album. Producers include Tweezy, RonEpidemic Beats, SuperProducerRapz and AB Crazy and guest appearances by the likes of Kwesta, JR and Emptee on the mic add depth to the album, proving that collaboration still beats beef in Mzansi hip hop. 

Tight videos for 'Monate C' and 'Puntsununu' have already dropped and are racking up the hits… 

Fifi raps almost entirely in vernac, staying true to her roots by representing her mother tongue… "We celebrate European languages more than our own African languages," she explains. "I'm an African child and the biggest honour and respect I can give to my ancestors and those that died for me to live, is to be proud of my mother tongue." 

On being a female emcee in a male dominated genre, she says: "I'm someone who tells stories that provoke thought and about ordinary people on the streets. As long as the music still moves my heart I will stand for all the women out there trying to make it in any aspect of their lives without being given a chance 'cause of their gender." 

Big up Fifi, for flying the flag! Check out the album in stores now or on iTunes right  here.

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