9 Nov, 2015

Feminine style

It's becoming increasingly acceptable for the modern man to embrace previously feminine style and grooming techniques. From plucking your eyebrows to shopping in the women's section of the department store, we supply a couple tips from the notepads of the fairer sex.

Soft skin

It's time to face the facts… no one enjoys stroking crocodile skin! You've seen your girlfriends/wives/moms lathering their faces with all kinds of sticky lotions, mud from the Dead Sea and Aloe Vera extract so it's time to get with the programme. Daily moisturizing is not just for queens and there are many products on the market for the alpha.


Women have been waging war against their follicles for centuries and now in the year two zillion it's time for men to join the battle. Apparently uni-brows are totally caveman and hairy backs and cracks are for bears, not people. Your barber can help, but the rest is up to you! There are many specialized shaving utensils available that make the job more humane. AXE by Philips

Dragon breath Beware!

Dragon breath is unattractive and if you can't smile (because your teeth are grey) it's probably going to affect your confidence, your work and your relationships. Brush and floss every day, visit your dentist regularly and eat healthy, fresh food. Drinking plenty of water improves your breath AND your overall health. H2O bro. Girl gear It's time men started digging in their lover's closets. Skip past the skeletons and go straight for the tight jeans, jackets, shirts and exotic prints… the world of fashion is an increasingly androgynous space where guys can dress more feminine and girls more masculine. Embrace it!

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