31 Aug, 2017

AXE Finalist Q&A - Siyabonga Ziqulu

  1. Name & Last name?
    Siyabonga Ziqubu
  2. How old are you?
    23 Years
  3. Do you have a DJ alias or name you go by? Example DJ Ignite
    Yes, "XtetiQsoul"
  4. Where is your home town? Which province are you from?
    Durban, KwaZulu Natal
  5. Are you currently attending school or tertiary institute?
  6. Were you self-taught or formally trained? If formally trained, where?
  7. How long have you been a DJ?
    It's been 10 years
  8. What made you become a DJ?
    My older brother used to deejay for us when I was still young. I got interested & I learnt the art
  9. Tell us a bit about your passion for music and when did this start?
    My love & passion for music grew incredibly when I was a teenager. I felt it brought me closer to God.
  10. How do you feel about playing on the same stage with Black Coffee?
    I feel I've been showered with great blessings. It was one of my childhood dreams
  11. What is your favourite style of music?
    Afro House/Dance Electronic Music
  12. Where do you get your inspiration when creating new mixes?
    From old house music compilations. The track selections & mixing were best
  13. Who is your favourite local DJ?
    Black Coffee
  14. What do you think of the local music industry?
    Its growing everyday. Our quality is now compared to the best of the world. I'm happy
  15. Who is your favourite international DJ?
    Armin Van Buuren
  16. What is your favourite dance tune at the moment?
    XtetiQsoul & Shimza - Boom Bass
  17. What makes you stand out most from the crowd that puts you first for winning the competition?
    I play most of my music production. I believe it would blend well in the Ibiza stages.
  18. If you win, what are you looking forward to the most in Ibiza?
    The energy & love for dance music the people have there. I want to tap into that feeling
  19. Future plans?
    Working on getting my music & mixes to the world (Internet, Radio, Television, etc) as much as possible.

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