31 Aug, 2017

AXE Finalist Q&A - Sibulele Yali

  1. Name & Last name?
    Sibulele Yali
  2. How old are you?
    I'm 20 years old
  3. Do you have a DJ alias or name you go by? Example DJ Ignite.
    My stage name is ECHOMUSIQ
  4. Where is your home town? Which province are you from?
    I was born in Port Elizabeth around the area called Motherwell, in Eastern Cape.
  5. Are you currently attending school or tertiary institute?
    I was in tertiary last year then I took a gap year in 2017.
  6. Were you self-taught or formally trained? If formally trained, where?
    I started it by watching YouTube videos, basically, this was self-taught.
  7. How long have you been a DJ?
    It's been 4 years now because I started learning CDJs when I was doing metric in 2014
  8. What made you become a DJ?
    Back then I was only a house music listener house music lover. My reason was that of the inspiration that I got from DJ KENT, DJ SHIMZA & BLACK COFFEE.
  9. Tell us a bit about your passion for music and when did this start?
    I started DJ'ing in the age of 17, because of the inspiration that I got from the DJs such as DJ SHIMZA, DJ KENT & BLACK COFFEE as I said. From there I've watched a lot of videos of DJs and "how to DJ". I had to deepen my overall musical skills on the computer software/programs such a Virtual DJ & FL Studio. 2014 was the year of ECHOMUSIQ 's practise by using DJ systems such as pioneer 800s, I pursued my individual vision of deejaying house music. For me 2016 was the year to keep things professional and take this DJ thing seriously as an artist/musician, that was where I started sharing the stage with well-known musicians such as VUSI NOVA, NATHI MANKAYI, AMANDA BLACK and my P.E big DJ.
    469 Bar Loung (P.E)
    Monde's Lounge
    Jong Bass's Place (hankey)
    Summer Bang EVENT @P.E Tshisa Nyama
    Malume's Place (P.E)
    Tokyo Sexwale Stadium (Jeffries bay)
    LLuna Loung (Cape Town)
    Hill billy EVENT (humansdorp)
    Chuma's Place (P.E)
  10. How do you feel about playing on the same stage with Black Coffee?
    Wow!! For me well be a dream come thru because I was day dreaming a lot, seeing my self-playing overseas. I'm feeling super excited and Will be a great experience to be with him.
  11. What is your favourite style of music?
    Afro house, Afro tech and dance
  12. Where do you get your inspiration when creating new mixes?
    The European Vibes has that huge wave inspiration to my mixes basically the love of German tech sound.
  13. Who is your favourite local DJ?
    Black Coffee
  14. What do you think of the local music industry?
    Our local music industry is growing each and every year, for me, I feel as growing DJs we are live in a space where we have the opportunities like Axecess DJ search also huge wave of support and the legendary musicians to look at. I feel like we are going far.
  15. Who is your favourite international DJ?
    Black Coffee & hyenah from germany
  16. What is your favourite dance tune at the moment?
    Wow!! It's Oscar – behind the clouds (Enoo Napa remix)
  17. What makes you stand out most from the crowd that puts you first for winning the competition?
    My styles and the music a play will impress the crowd.
  18. If you win, what are you looking forward to the most in Ibiza?
    To serve good music and keep the crowd moving and I'm looking forward to leaving that ECHOMUSIQ stamp, to make the team feel proud of me.
  19. Future plans?
    To work hard to be the best DJ and start the worldwide record label.  

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