29 Sep, 2015

Audi S3 - A Hatch Above The Rest

The Audi A3 range needs very little introduction. Solid build quality, efficient engines and precision German engineering means they're a favourite with young professionals the country over. 

But we're not interested in the 'run-of-the-mill' A3. We're talking about the 'make-you-hair-stand-up' A3 – the sportier, faster and meaner S3.

So for the S version, Audi has done all the stuff you expect with a hot hatch. They've added power, made the brakes better, improved the suspension, and made the car generally more fun, but most importantly, more potent to drive.

Right off the starting grid, the new S3 has an excellent pedigree. It's Audi's first model on the Volkswagen Group's new MQB platform, which underpins the 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Golf R.

And it's pretty quick too.
The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder TFSI engine has seen a raft of upgrades like a new turbocharger, new exhaust valves, reinforced connecting rods, and new cylinder heads, to name a few.

The result? 292 horsepower and nearly as many torques!

A six-speed dual clutch gearbox, upgraded brakes, 25 mm lower sport suspension and Quattro all-wheel drive do a good job of keeping things in check too. It's handles better than you'd expect and somehow makes you feel like a better driver than you really are.

Think of the S3 as a Subaru WRX STI for grown-ups. A respectable badge you buy when you want to retain the sophistication of delicious all-wheel drive and turbo power, but without the stigma.

Inside, the Audi is plusher than Jacob's Presidential Jet with all the good stuff you'd expect from Audi. Red stitched leather abounds, and everything feels like the best quality. There's also enough space in the Sportback to pile in 4 of your best mates, with their luggage!

It's a nice place to be if you're stuck in traffic. But when that gap presents itself – and it will. All you need to go is pull the left paddle, drop a cog or two and GO!

The best bit?
AXE is giving you the opportunity to WIN one of two Audi S3s Sportbacks! All you need to do is buy any AXE can, and dial the USSD string on can!

Or, visit for more info! 

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