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It would be easy to misconstrue the definition of the name “DREAMTEAM” and its significance in describing the ideologies of this group. Simply put, the name lends its meaning more to a team of friends and entertainers who dared to dream, and are currently living out the dream as they planned it. Labeled by Independent Newspapers’Sunday Tribune as “the most talked about group out of Durban about to make it big in the music industry,” DreamTeam is a concept that believes in pushing the envelope, surpassing conventional boundaries and setting new standards in music entertainment. The statement, “Teamwork makes the Dream work,” is the rudimentary element that brought group members Trevor Sineke (Trey), Lusaso Ngcobo (Saso) and Mthoko Mkhathini (Dash) into partnership in early 2011, and has since seen the trio take Durban, KZN and now South Africa by storm.

From the onset, DreamTeam has always understood the dynamics of a successful ascent into the music industry, and have readily embraced the components necessary to transition from relative unknowns to a household brand. The hardworking nature of the group created a platform for DreamTeam to quickly establish strong partnerships with influential figures in the music industry, thus opening numerous channels with which to arm their assault.

Their freshman offering, “The Blow Up”, released in March 2013 and made freely available via hardcopy and online, having recently surpassed 12 000 digital downloads, with physical copies distributed limited to 500. The mixtape has catapulted DreamTeam into the spotlight as a benchmark of commercial quality, world class production as well as a showcase of the group’s musical capabilities, receiving critical acclaim from fans, influential music industry icons and musical institutions alike.

Mixtape singles “Ask Enibhadi” and “Tsekede” have further aided DreamTeam’s meteoric rise, with the latter serving as a significant cog in solidifying the group’s identity and presence. The song is currently on daily rotation on national radio platforms including MetroFM, uKhzoziFM, YFM, and GagasiFM, and has enjoyed the top spot in a number of countdown shows across commercial and community radio stations countrywide. The music video of “Tsekede”, directed by media partner company iButhoMedia, was premiered on MTV Base’s “Spanking New” and continues to enjoy repeated airtime on the channel as well as SABC 1’s LiveAmp, whose viewership is estimated at 6 million viewers weekly. The music video for “Ask Enibhadi” continues to receive airtime on Channel O. Other songs, including “Izass” and “Phunqa”also on the mixtape, have also played a crucial role though, and their influence through social networks continues to grow consistently, serving as word of mouth catalysts in maintaining buzz and increasing the group’s profile on Twitter and Facebook.

DreamTeam is fortunate in having multiple relationships within radio, television and print platforms, and have recently joined forces with Universal Music Group, a move that all but certifies the group’s goals through provision of support functions and direct access to any services required. The team continues to utilize these in establishing a greater fan base for their future plans, and have been doing intensive promotional runs through radio and print interviews including PowerFM, Gagasi,Sunday Tribune, HYPE magazine as well as profiles and interviews aired on Vuzu’s primetime show V Entertainment. DreamTeam has identified key stepping stones going forward, amongst them an album, a reality show and various other ancillary business ventures under their company the DreamTeam Music Group.

Having been touted by national icons such as Metro FM’s T-Bo Touch as “diamonds carrying Durban on their backs,” DreamTeam can only be humbled to have received such undying support and encouragement from the public and influential people who have recognized the talent from within the entertainment industry. We are in essence still at the beginning of our journey, just emerging into the public sphere, and our long term objective is to develop into world class entertainers, astute entrepreneurs and international icons over a sustained period of time…

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