7 Jul, 2014

Future Sounds Of Mzansi

A month ago, musician Spoek Mathambo unleashed the trailer for Future Sound Of Mzansi, a documentary film he's been working on, on-and-off, for about the past two years. In that period, Spoek also founded another project, Fantasma, featuring Maskandi wunderkind Bhekisenzo Cele; Barcadi House granddaddy DJ Spoko; and rock guitar maestro Andre Geldenhuys.

To coincide with the project, Spoek is curating mixes on his SoundCloud page. The latest one features a selection of Okmalumkoolkat songs.

As Spoek writes: "The mix is filled with rare, exclusive, unreleased tracks and some classic bars from Okmalumkoolkat." He sees Okmalumkoolkat as the perfect representative for the new-new, the future in the present, the one who creates a "unique mixture of futuristic, distinctly South African tracks."

Future Sound of Mzansi started as a compilation of Spoek Mathambo songs released in South Africa by the Sony Music label. At that time, Spoek was excited that at least a larger portion of the South African population would hear his music. There's no telling what happened with the deal, whether it's still in place or not, but it is inspiring to see an artists push their vision forward (especially when it is solely funded with money from their own pocket!)

The documentary, directed by Spoek himself and Lebogang Rasethaba, will be premiered at last month's Durban International Film Festival.

While Spoek Mathambo may not be based in South Africa full-time anymore (he's the classic case of an artist more admired overseas than he is at home), his presence on the local music scene is never absent. From fronting initiatives like these - putting his friends forward; exposing unheard-of producers who've influenced entire scenes; interviewing the now-overlooked masterminds of yesteryear - Spoek is building upon a legacy which, not long from now, will qualify him as a leader and living legend of our time. Salute!

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