12 Feb, 2014

Black Vulcanite on the Rise

Black Vulcanite is one sick rap/poetry outfit that you best be on the lookout for in 2014. With one foot in Namibia where the crew members all hail from and one foot firmly in Mzansi, Cape Town to be exact, this supercrew consisting of emcees Mark Question, aliThATdude and Okin, made some major traction with hip hop heads on the continent in 2013.

These cats aren't clinging to the rap game's tired formulas of success. You know the whole rapping about expensive cars, champagne and jewelry while models are paid to twerk in the background of their videos kinda thing. Hells no! These cats are taking it back to the days of kicking raps for sport, going toe-to-toe, flexing their lyrical abilities while dropping deep, socially-conscious messages on classic boom bap beats with a new school twist. As the mantra on their track 'Check it out' goes, 'no necklaces, chains or bad bitches'. It's clear Black Vulcanite are here to drop rhymes you need to get schooled to.

Their debut EP entitled Remember the Future caught the attention of many heads with a polished collection of tracks which feature collaborations with dope local artists like Youngsta, Jimmy Flexx of Ill Skillz and Nonku Phiri of Crazy White Boy. BV also extended their influence into the hip hop game internationally by enlisting Swiss producer Maloon the Boom and up-and-coming UK rapper Jay Prince.

Although the outfit seemingly burst onto the scene last year they are by no means fly-by-nighters. As long time friends they've have spent a good number years sharpening their lyrical swords and frontman Okin is even a published poet. Much of their current success can be credited to their friend and manager Leneave Hansen who was floating their tunes around to label execs while they were putting Remember the Future together. Based on the strength of their single 'I hope they write' which earned them best song of the year on Namibian radio station Energy 100FM as well as heavy rotation on commercial radio stations like Goodhope FM, Hansen eventually caught the attention of Cape Town-based label Rude World Records which is home to the likes of up-and coming solo saxophonist Matthew O'Connell as well as pop star Jimmy Nevis whose album Subliminal is currently enjoying huge success.

With the backing of Rude World, BV put out these rad visuals to the track 'Visions' which were shot in Cape Town and they've continued to play a big role in the hip hop scene situated in the southernmost tip of Africa. Most recently they held it down at Kool Out Entertainment's annual Cape Town's Most Wanted event held at Trinity, but to get a taste of how they're really adding to the Mother City's scene peep this epic posse cut in which they collaborate with label mate Kita Keetz, Youngsta, Driemanskap and Ill Skillz. It's fire!

Black Vulcanite are currently working on their latest offering which is expected to be released via Rude World Records in the early part of the year, but for now stream/ download their EP over at their Bandcamp page to see what these cats are capable of. Or like them on Facebook.

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