21 Oct, 2013

Black Motion

If you haven't seen their live performance, you haven't lived! Black Motion is a duo consisting of deejay, Bongani Mahosana aka DJ Murda, and percussionist, Thabo "Smol" Mabogwane who specialises in "get up on your feet 'n dance" house music.

Mahosana and Mabogwane joined forces in 2010 and literally started baking hits. DJ Murda is crazy on the decks and when Smol takes to the stage he leaves the audience in awe. He is so talented he often slips into a trance mid performance and drums with his eyes closed.

From the onset their partnership led to a string of respectable productions that have been lighting up dance floors all over the world. Their music has been featured on a number of compilations and more than a handful of tracks have been on a healthy rotation on SA's leading radio stations.

Their musical profile includes names such as the legendary Black Coffee; DJ Fresh; Lulo Café; Culoe De Song; Dr Malinga; DJ Kent and the list goes on.

Their rendition of DJ Kent's "Spin my world around" is on the tip of everyone's tongues as well as their feature in Lulo Café's latest album with the banger "Whistling to bed" being the current favourite.

This duo never disappoints. I can't imagine a single soul attending the Macufe Unlimited Music Festival this weekend that isn't looking forward to their performance. One simply cannot keep calm when Black Motion is on the stage. It's always a turn up!

Their album is dropping in March 2014. Please believe they are more than the sum of their drums!

Follow them on @black_motion

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