5 Apr, 2014

After Dark


This joint is too damn ill! PHFat's 'Lights Out' sees Smooth Mike dropping some of his freshest verses yet over a masterfully glitchy beat crafted by Narch. On top of that, they introduce Jungfreud (AKA Nonku Phiri) to the rap game and she spits pure flames. The cats are really pleased with the outcome of the cut: "We haven't been outside much lately because we've been finishing our new track. It's called 'Lights Out' and it's kind of our favourite track that we've ever made. We made it with our homie Jungfreud who (and we think you'll agree) is one of the freshest fucking individuals we've ever met. It's not that easy to release a new track – especially one that you really like because every single track that you put out takes a weency little piece of you with it and if people don't like it then it feels quite a lot like rejection. Except with this track we couldn't give a fuck cos' it's probably the coolest thing we've ever done and if you don't like it then you probably have shit taste and never really liked our music anyways… As with everything we've ever done, we did it the absolute most difficult way. In this case we spent a fortune getting it mastered overseas as an experiment before deciding to just get Mike to do it like we always have. Instead of just getting Jungfreud to sing (like she always has) and getting Mike to rap (like he always has) Mike taught Jung how to rap and she taught Mike how to sing. So it took us a bit longer than usual to make this track – but it's quite fun stepping outside of your comfort zone don't you think?

Narch did what he normally does and acted mysterious whilst saying very little and then he put out an absolute banger. What a G.

Now be sure to listen/ download the track below. It's free!

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