22 Jan, 2014

13th Annual Metro FM Awards

AXE Weighs in on the Upcoming 13th Annual Metro FM Awards


The nominees for the 13th annual Metro FM awards have been announced and, if trending topics on Twitter are anything to go by, many fans are dissatisfied with the outcome. Apparently, Metro FM has failed to show love to deserving artists such as Reason who was not nominated in a single category. His fans took to Twitter completely in order to vent – and, boy, did they cause quite a stir!

Some exclaimed that Metro FM celebrates mediocrity and that they fail to conduct adequate research when nominating artists for the respective awards. Others questioned the eligibility period for the awards, especially when it comes to the "Best Newcomer" category. Looking at the nominees in this specific category, people had one recurring question: for how long can one be dubbed "new" in the industry? AXEcess noticed that another common complaint amongst the people was the concentrated presence of Metro FM employees on the nominees list. Most see it as nepotism. Is a "guaranteed award nomination" clause included in the Metro FM employment contract? 

That was the question on the lips of many followers and listeners after the announcements regarding nominees were made. Another aspect of the awards that people are utterly bored of is the fact that, without a doubt, the host of the ceremony is always one of the drive-time deejays. AXE sincerely hopes that the station has heard the grievances of the people. It's time to switch it up a little, Metro!

The awards will be held at the Durban ICC on the 1st of March 2014. For the full list of the #MMA13 categories and nominees, as well as for voting details, please visit the Metro FM website. Log on and vote for your favourite… if they have been nominated, that is.

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